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Burger / Tiffany

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Photos Above : Terraweena Burger the Great and Terraweena Tiffany (on right of photo) with her lifelong friend and confidant, Terraweena Shaw.

Burger / Tiff was indisputably a ✨Marriage Made on High✨
No doubt geneticists and scientists would be able to give the logical reasons why such a reliable and superlative ‘marriage’ of genes occurs and proves itself year after year.

There assuredly must be a biological reason and I certainly would not argue the point. I’m merely going to enjoy the fact that it existed – we found it and we used it to best effect for ourselves and the universal standards of Boer Goat excellence.

Terraweena Burger (ABMFB6167) needs no introduction. Named after his true breeder, Lukas Burger, a legendary Boer goat breeder in South Africa, Burger was sired by Ripper – a buck renowned for his nobility and presence, over one of Lukas’s top breeding does.

From the twenty four Ripper sired embryos that we purchased from Lukas in 2006, we had seventeen live kids born to us in Australia in September 2006. Most of those kids were notable, but there was one that simply brooked no comparisons. He was Terraweena Burger and named so from day one.

NB : there was another outstanding brother who we named Terraweena Lukas. He was only marginally less splendid than Burger – hence the name. Sadly, he literally ‘disappeared’ from our paddock in Toowoomba, luckily not before he gained status in the show ring and we collected semen from him which we have to this day.

There will be so many references to Burger within this website that there is no need for me to say any more about him here and now, other than he is claimed to have “changed the shape of Australian Boers”. I don’t know anyone who would disagree, although there could be a variety of interpretations of that statement – depending on how much other breeders have gained from it themselves!

Tiffany had been born one year earlier. (ABMFA5007) also way out of the league of the norm, she and her twin sister, Jacquie, captured attention from birth. The dam of the two girls resulted from an embryo collection from the Buffelsfontein Boer Goat Stud in South Africa belonging to the Jordaan family – a much revered name in South Africa, to whom the establishment of the breed and the South African society, is attributed.

Other than her outstanding gracefulness and elegance, with long, long, silky ears that became her trade mark, Tiffany, required no further attributes. She, ‘almost’ single handedly founded Terraweena’s leading bloodline – The B/Ts. Burger helped out where he could!

Their genes simply ‘clicked’ and the Burger/Tiff dynasty was born. Apologies to all geneticists, everywhere for such a broad, unscientific and unsubstantiated statement of fact.

In every one of her breeding years, except for one, Burger and Tiff ‘made magic’ for the Terraweena Stud. Burgs was also kept busy elsewhere, invariably with outstanding results, but Tiff surpassed any stud breeder’s dream by giving us, in addition to her normal quota of twins or triplets each year, twenty eight beautiful embryos, collected in 2008 and sired by Burger, of course.

These embryos formed the basis of the well known ‘Burger/Tiff dynasty’ which has since gained glory in paddocks and show rings throughout the world.

Remember that the loose term – a ‘Burger/Tiff’, almost a byword in Boer goat circles and hallowed indeed at Terraweena and TerraMac, means just that – direct progeny (and their immediate descendants) FROM Burger and Tiffany.

The final culmination of achievement by this pair, who ‘never put a hoof wrong’, was twin does, sired a few days before Burger’s death, so Terraweena was miraculously left with ongoing access to this priceless genetic combo.

A summary of these achievements is nearing completion and will be seen on this website shortly.



Terraweena Burger

Terraweena Burger

Exceptional from Day 1, Burger developed into the stud sire one could spend a lifetime waiting for. Apart from his ennoblement and strong conformation, Burger had the silkiest coat imaginable which he has passed on and on....and on
Sydney Royal Show 2007 (National BGBAA Show)

Sydney Royal Show 2007 (National BGBAA Show)

Terraweena Burger, National Grand Champion Buck. Easter 2007
In memory of Burger

In memory of Burger

Burger and his legacy. A job well done, indeed.
Terraweena Burger (ABMFB6167)

Terraweena Burger (ABMFB6167)

The nose that changed 1,000 heads. (and coats and style and bone and strut) Beautiful, bountiful Burger.