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Banjo, Abraham, Karoo, Newman

Clearday Park Cleo

Clearday Park Cleo

An immensely strong breeding doe bred by Clearday Park from the Abraham bloodline. Kids due in Scotland shortly.
Beautiful group of breeding does

Beautiful group of breeding does

Belonging to Brykarie Stud in Australia, an Abraham grandson had been a predominant sire to the group.
Beaufort Spirit

Beaufort Spirit

Stunning young doe from an Australian embryo, of (Australian) Abraham descent. Embryo selected by Celia. Junior Champion Doe and Reserve Senior Champion Doe at Three Counties Show 2015
Macgregors Newman

Macgregors Newman

Hindquarters to the camera, Macgregors Newman is standing second to his own stablemate, Macgregors Lovatt. His 'meatiness' is evident. His dam, Terraweena Covergirl was a daughter of Terraweena Abraham.


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Discerning studs need to perform dual roles in order to remain in the front line. On the one hand they need to continue to breed the lines that have been tried, tested and trusted, in order to maximise their position of stability.  On the other side of the coin they have to ‘experiment’ with other bloodlines, well enough in advance, to always have fresh resources to tap into to avoid inbreeding.

To become successful, a stud master or mistress needs :
1. Knowledge 2. Experience 3. Foresight 4. Patience 5. Courage.
Most importantly, they need control and discipline. If a bloodline gives you a trait you don’t want to introduce into your flock, be strong enough to put it aside and move on.

Equally, if a bloodline does contribute an attribute that you are looking for, breed for that trait even if the sire does not suit you 100%.

The truth is that NO animal contributes their exceptional qualities in equal proportions but one thing is for certain. They can always be counted on to contribute the same qualities in an identical mating and a supreme breeding animal, whether male or female, should reliably pass on those traits, whoever they are bred to.

A reliable breeder, especially a sire, is a ‘Crock of Gold’ for a serious stud. Unfortunately it can take years to establish that knowledge and life waits for no man (or woman).

One such bloodline at Terraweena Stud is best known now as the ‘Abraham’ bloodline. Abraham’s sire Banjo was derived from one of the early bred lines of the Terraweena Stud. He was built like a drum. Not particularly large but rounded and stocky with hard, hard muscling.

Although he won his class at the National Championships in 2005, Banjo was not the classical show buck. We used him as a sire because of his hard muscling and fortunately we used him in an ET program as he then developed an infection and became infertile. Apart from that one splendid win at our National Show, he was thus little known.

From Banjo came Abraham and two fine sisters resulting from the ET program – So Abraham’s role was vital!

We used him extensively as a major sire. We nicknamed him Mr Fixit as he seemed to do almost everything right and had the ability to magically correct faults.  However he had two traits which were slightly less desirable – those of a slightly rough coat (not sleek and satiny) and a tendency to throw colour.

In the discriminatory and judgemental arena of showring/showcase Australia, he fell from grace for those attributes.

We at Terraweena kept breeding from him fortunately – our belief based on his positive qualities which were so very numerous.

He had many offspring, but his most famous male offspring must be Terraweena Karoo.   Karoo’s double claim to fame was his incredible meat qualities and his ability to throw all red or standard progeny with extraordinary dexterity.

Karoo then gave us the enormous gratification of proving himself as a leading meat producing sire in the “MLA Buck Trial” conducted recently in Australia.
Karoo already has some kids in the UK from a beautiful all red sire, Macgregors Berlin.

There is still semen available from Macgregors Newman – an Abraham grandson through a dam line.

Terraweena UK has recently imported embryos from a stupendously strong standard female, owned by Chris and Ron Andrews of Clearday Park Stud and bred from the Abraham line.

Yes, their coats may need a little refinement into the future, but we view that as a challenge and not an impediment. We have that ingredient in our pantry. One educated insemination will make that world of difference.

That’s the world of stud breeding. Do not be daunted. Do not expect everything at once in one package. It does not exist and if it does, someone will have been there before you.

So, in our experience, it’s mix and match, watch and learn, test and try and, in the words of Sir Winston Churchill, ‘NEVER GIVE UP’.