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Been there, done that

There are many people more highly qualified in the world of goats, than the folk at Terraweena. In fact we would have a hard job justifying the right to air our views at all, if qualifications, literally, were the sole requirement for knowledge.

However, having been challenged by a such a diversity of experiences and environments at almost every level of goat selection, breeding and production throughout the world, we are assuredly in our comfort zone when ‘talking goats’.

Within this website, we would love to discuss amongst us all, such experiences with other devotees of the Boer goat breed.

Thanks for reading this – all those who have. Look forward to ‘sharing’ with you (an expression which always makes me smile). That wonderful, modern buzzword from the past. It’s sort of a ‘forever word’ which won’t go away.

In the words of our beloved grandchildren :
“Sharing is Caring”
Let us ENJOY that experience together.