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A small tribute to beautiful Terraweena Britannia who died recently (November 2015) a week before her 5th birthday. In the best of hands with Chris and Ron of Clearday Park, she left behind a little boy and girl to be remembered by – then only 2 weeks old.

I commit my first range of lovely ‘lotions and potions’, hand made for me in Provence, to my precious, dear and departed Britannia :


RIP special Brit xxx


Terraweena Britannia 2010 – 2015

In 2006 I visited England, from Australia, to see what the hold up was in a protocol being established for caprine (goatie) genetics, being transferred from Australia to UK.

What I learnt is not worth recording and, anyway, events have been superseded. Suffice to say that with the endeavours of Jean and Moozie Van Niekerk of Murray River Genetics, Echuca, Australia, a protocol was finally put into place.

As a result, from 2008 and in preparation for this big event, Terraweena Stud (and subsequently TerraMac, Qld, Australia) commenced their UK and EU based breeding and focus.

Terraweena Britannia (ABMFF0021), a direct daughter of The Burger/Tiff line, was born on 11th November 2010 and so named, as were many of her family members, with a view to this supreme bloodline being established in England.

Life has its own manifestations. A relentless process of events has culminated in a handful of priceless Burger / Tiffany generational offspring finally arriving in Britain.

However, genetic transfer has its own price and lovely Britannia tragically passed on to ‘other pastures’ on 7th November 2015, less than a week short of her 5th birthday. She leaves two precious kids at foot, sadly only a couple of weeks old.

Britannia’s legacy is boundless. Her two new children are in the best of hands with Ron and Chris Andrews of Clearday Park, New South Wales, Australia. Other progeny, resulting from her priceless self is already here in the United Kingdom.


We at Terraweena and all who knew Britannia, pay tribute to this special girl.

Rest in Peace, Beloved Britannia and may your offspring live up to your name.

In appreciation of all you gave us and left us in your short time here with us, we dedicate the following pictures to mark your remarkable achievements.


Whitney and Britannia

Whitney and Britannia

Whitney (2008) & Britannia (2010) • Full sisters
Whitney and Britannia

Whitney and Britannia

Whit & Brit again

Whit & Brit again

Queensland State Show

Queensland State Show

Judging for the Championship
Queensland State Show

Queensland State Show

Champion Terraweena Britannia, Reserve Champion Terraweena Whitney
Toowoomba Royal Show

Toowoomba Royal Show

Champion Terraweena Britannia, Reserve Champion Mcgregors Cassandra.

UPDATE : 27th December 2015

Following pregnancy scanning, it was divulged that NONE of the embryos from Terraweena Britannia have held.

Despite a normal +50% take rate from all the other recipients, every recipient implanted with Britannia’s embryos, was empty. The scanner commented on irregularities shown in the ultrasound.

PS : I will be posting pictures in the near future of the donors of the embryos that are to be born in due course. .