United Kingdom & Europe

Semen imports



Our existing semen from sires in Australia is virtually finished.  Very limited amounts available.

We have semen available, for domestic (and for exportable) use from sires that have been born from imported Australian sires.  The semen is held at ABE, in Malvern, England.  Please contact us for information on : boergoat@terraweena.com or through our UK website : terraweenaboers.co.uk.

We also have new semen due to arrive for this European breeding season from sires in Australia that represent fully EBV (scientifically indexed breeding value) bloodlines.  This information has been collected over 2 decades and indisputably reflects the ability for individual animals and bloodlines to produce meat.

Given that information and on site independent classification of the animals, there is no more certainty that a buyer could gain, prior to purchasing imported bloodstock.

We trust that this will instil confidence in what we are offering.

All information and assistance provided.  Please contact us directly

Celia Burnett-Smith

Terraweena UK