United Kingdom & Europe

Embryo imports

Terraweena and TerraMac, Australia, having introduced a number of genetic sources from Australia over the last 4 years are satisfied that there is sufficient diversity now, within UK and Europe for the ongoing development of the industry.  Although limitless diversity of bloodlines is appealing, it is impractical and could be confusing.

Having said that, we are committed to a small, in house, program in 2016 which is merely designed to ‘bridge’ a few genetic links in our home stud, Terraweena UK.

However, there has been sufficient interest from customers in the EU, in acquiring more embryos and semen from Australia, for us to extend the collection to incorporate a LIMITED number of other leading bloodlines.

If anyone else (in  UK or Europe) is interested in joining in with this importation, please contact us as soon as possible.  Our program starts BY 1st February 2016.  After that date it will be impossible to add in any new donor animals, so it will be a question of queuing for any embryos we collect over and above the existing orders.  This will remain unknown until the collection is over (May 2016).

Please note that embryos and semen can come directly into UK, from Australia, under the existing protocol.

Semen from Australia can be imported into UK and re-exported to countries within the EU  with no difficulty.

As as there is no current protocol for the RE-export of embryos from Australia, via UK,  the embryos need to be sent directly to the EU, from Australia  (other than to UK).

This is no problem in itself.  We have a shipment going to the EU which is already confirmed  please contact us for details.

Another exciting (and final!) step in furthering the genetic wealth of Boer Goats in Europe.

Celia Burnett-Smith

Terraweena Boer Goat Stud UK